Project Description



Welding is crucial to the engineering and manufacturing sectors, welds are used in many industries to fabricate and repair metal and thermoplastic products and structures.

GS Inspection Consultants supports our clients welding processes in many sectors including Manufacturing, Aerospace, Power Generation, Construction, Transportation and Automotive. Using our vast knowledge and experience, our inspectors are qualified to inspect welds using a variety of testing methods. Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau as Visual Welding Inspectors Levels I, II and III. Our certifications prove we have the expertise to perform weld inspections, weld testing, welding supervision and quality control checks on welds in many situations. We have the proper tools, equipment and CGSB certifications to perform visual and non-visual inspections including surface crack detection. Specialized testing methods include Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Liquid Penetrant Testing as needed.



Our experienced and certified team provides standards-based non-destructive and visual testing ensuring a safer work environment and minimizing costly down time.