GS Inspection Consultants has been providing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services in Southwest Ontario since 1980.

Our inspectors are certified, licensed and insured to perform inspections tailored to your industry’s standards. Inspections can be scheduled on-site in your facility to meet your needs and schedule or can be performed in our testing facility.

Serving many different industries including automotive, manufacturing (assembly plants and suppliers), aerospace, power generation and construction.

With many machines, one small defect could lead to a disastrous situation – our inspectors will catch the warning signs of potential issues and give you a clear path to correct the issues.


We are process driven, experienced, focused on industry, committed to providing thorough inspections following regulated standards.

Using Non-Destructive Testing methods to ensure our clients have reliable equipment helps to prevent costly downtime on production lines and provide safe working conditions for employees. Our certified inspectors take pride in providing NDT services to help our clients keep their equipment in safe and reliable working conditions.


Our experienced and certified team provides standards-based non-destructive and visual testing ensuring a safer work environment and minimizing costly down time.