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Structural Inspections

Nobody wants problems in their building projects especially if they can be avoided. GS Inspection Consultants is a CWB certified inspection and testing company (CSA W178.1) using certified inspectors (CSA W178.2 and GGSB). We can help to Identify potential problems during fabrication and erection so that corrective action can be taken early, thus avoiding potentially costly rework or litigation.

GS Inspection Consultants Provides a full range of inspection services from material quality verification, fabrication qualification, and shop quality assurance verification to installation verification and code complience. GS Inspection Consultants has prepared detailed inspection procedures for all types of building structure types, from the complex to the simple, including metal framing and heavy industrial construction.

GS Inspection Consultants also has a variety of inspection processes verified by CWB as part of the CSA 178.1 requirements, for visual and non visual inspections. Visual inspections are done by our CWB 178.2 inspectors under the supervision of our level III visual and Level III metal products inspector. Non visual (Non destructive testing) is done by our trained and qualified inspectors (CGSB) to MT (Magnetic Particle), VT (Ultrasonic) and PT (Dye penetrant) process.

GS Inspection Consultants is available to meet your inspection needs and to assist the design consultants and owners to ensure they get a quality building structure.