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Lifting Devices

The Occupational Health and Safety Act defines a lifting device as "a device that is used to raise or lower any material or object and includes its rails and other supports". These devices can be as simple as an eye bolt or as complex as a stacker crane.


Without proper care lifting devices can be dangerous. Regulations require that lifting devices be periodically inspected; before use, if damaged or altered, at regular intervals, but at least once a year.

Inspection must be done by qualified persons and the type of device determines what qualifications are required. All inspections are to be documented and documents signed by the inspector.

GS Inspection Consultants Inc. is a certified inspection company that prides itself on the qualifications and certification of its inspectors. GS Inspection Consultants Inc. maintains Product Inspection Procedures for all devices that are inspected; Any time that a new device requires inspection our first step is to develope a P.I.P. to meet the inspection requirements

GS Inspection Consultants Inc. records all inspections in our proprietary program and database. A program design based on inspection needs and client documentation requirements.

GS Inspection Consultants Inc. has developed inspection processes to make sure that lifting devices are safe through our rigorous inspection procedures the qualification of our inspectors, and completeness of our reporting and documentation.

Inspection reports are available in a variety of formats, both paper and electronic allowing for ease in maintaining your documentation.


In addition to our inspection services GS Inspection Consultants Inc. can certify that a device meets current applicable standards and is built in accordance to the design and/or standards applicable. Certification is done to the customer design or to GS design specifications.


GS Inspection Consultants can design and certify a lifting device to meet your special requirements. GS Engineering Consultants Inc. can provide engineering for new and existing devices, prepare drawings for fabrication and perform stress analysis for designs.